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The need for a new view on the world


More than 500 million stars and more than 1.5 million galaxies are shown in this picture (Extended Source Catalogue XSC); The large scale structures show large inhomogeniteis and thereby reveal that the big bang model of standard physics is wrong. This view is supported by the fact that light is aging on its way through the depth of the universe. This explains the red shift of spectra of distant galaxies, which was hitherto seen as an indication for the big bang. The Author analyses in this book the fundaments of physics, he identifies the essential weaknesses, and he shows ways out. This book offers scientific proofs, which can be followed step by step and therefore can strengthen the knowledge of the reader.


The pulsar, which is the remnant of the supernova 1000 years ago in the Crab nebula, is today surrounded by vortex rings. This NASA picture is part of a sequence, which shows, how the vortex rings "dance" around the pulsar. Also a jet is visible, which is ejected perpendicularly to the plane of the vortex rings (picture by Hester et.al./NASA)

The basic ascpect of the new model


The essential parts of the ether cube model are shown here: while the particle moves, the ether cubes rotate and find a new stable position at the end of the particle. This rotation is the spin, which is an important issue in the model. Cracks and cavities in the ether are important items, where the new model differs from old ether concepts. The model is analysed using classical physical principles.

Animation of ether cube model

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