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About this book

Physics of today is used by many as babble- science and substitute religion. The most beautiful science of all has not deserved this. In this book Wilmar Fuhse describes that the generally accepted pillars of physics contain errors and boundaries, which brought physics in a tilted position. The wrong fundaments lead to black holes, dark matter, missing energy and the big bang. This book finds new solutions in an easy to understand way: the author abandons the assumption of point-like elementary particles and thereby gets a new view on the fundaments of physics. Further topics are the aging of light, a new basis for quantum mechanics and the description of a new model for elementary particles and fields. This model contains as an essential element a mechanism for the spin, which allows a completely different view on elementary particles than is usual today.

After the experimental discovery of the Higg's particle, the standard model of physics is seen as complete. This is by no means true. The author sees and describes many open questions from low energy particles to the large scale structures in the universe. The new model allows identifying many features of modern physics as mechanical interactions, but it also makes transparent, where the state of the art physics is incomplete and needs attention.

About the author


The author got a diploma- degree in physics at the University of Hamburg in 1970 and a Doctors- degree at the Technical University Berlin in 1972. His scientific work covered a wide variety of topics, including nuclear energy, flow dynamics, rocket testing, information technology, avionics and space technology, alternative energy generation and rational energy utilisation. He worked on the foundations of physics for more than 50 years, where he particularly looked at the conflicts between relativity theory and quantum mechanics. He could solve these discrepancies with a new physical model.

He lives in Oldenburg, Germany. He is married with 3 sons.

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